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Taekwondo Chang Moo Kwan

YMCA Kwon Bup Bu (Chang Moo Kwan)

After the liberation of Korea in 1945, five major schools (Kwans) of martial arts were founded in South Korea.  Unified in the 1950’s under the name Taekwondo, the original Kwan our school is associated with is the Chang Moo Kwan.  Below is a brief history of the Chang Moo Kwan taken from The Modern History of Taekwondo by KANG, Won Sik and LEE.

YOON Byung In, who taught Moo Do with CHUN Sang Sup in the Choson Yun Moo Kwan, founded the Chang Moo Kwan in 1946 at the YMCA in Jong Ro, Seoul.

He spent his childhood in Manchuria and learned "Joo An Pa", a Chinese martial art. Right before Independence Day, he went to Japan to study abroad and learned Karate, receiving the 5th Dan rank. Nihon University's Karate founder TOYAMA Kanken saw YOON Byung In's Chinese martial art and was impressed. Later, they exchanged their martial arts and became good friends. YOON Byung In's passion towards martial arts was so high that he received the 5th Dan in Karate. He became the Karate Team Captain at Nihon University. This showed his martial art ability was high.

Right after Independence Day, he became the Physical Education instructor at Kyung Sung Agricultural School and started teaching Moo Do. Later, in 1946, YOON opened the Kwon Bup Bu in nearby Jong Ro, Seoul. He had a good relationship with Choson Yun Moo Kwan's CHUN Sang Sup, and once CHUN and YOON were called relatives because they trained together.

YOON Byung In was basically a traditional Moo Do man. His body was small, but trained with martial arts and full of energy. His behavior was blunt. He taught his martial art (Ju An Pa Kwon Bup) to his students according to their body sizes. Therefore, the students could learn martial arts that suited their body specialty.

YMCA Kwon Bup Bu practice sessions started at 4:30 pm. In the beginning, more than 500 members were recruited, but after three months, only 180 members were remaining because of the hard training. After YOON disappeared during the Korean War, LEE Nam Suk opened a Kong Soo Do school and started teaching. After the Korean War, LEE Nam Suk and KIM Soon Bae reopened the YMCA Kwon Bup Bu as the Chang Moo Kwan. The Chang Moo Kwan was represented with a symbol of two dragons. But according to LEE Chong Woo, the Chang Moo Kwan name was used by YOON Byung In as a favorable name before the Korean War.


The Vaillancourt's proudly support the World Taekwondo Chang Moo Kwan and the Chang Moo Kwan Taekwondo USA;. These organizations support the World Taekwondo Federation curriculum.  



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