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Recent Promotions or News



Congratulations (L-R) to Ashley (9th gup), Gary Lee (1st Dan TSD in from Korea), Michael (5th gup) and Koel (9th gup) (6/20/2022).

Two 8th gup promotions for Mik and Kerri (6/23/2022).


Three 9th gup promotions for Ryan, Eli & Dane (6/23/2022).


World Tang Soo Do General Federation 1st dan certificates in from Korea for Jack, Nastasia, Porhsa and Gary Lee (not pictured) and 5th gup promotions for Jean, Becky, Conner and Michael (not pictured) (6/23/2022).


Congratualtions to Josiah on 6th gup (6/9/2022)


1st gup red belt promotions for Isaac and Angel. Next stop 1st degree black (5/19/2022)


Four 1st dan promotions! (L-R) Jack, Gary Lee, Porsha & Nastasia.  Congratulations!!! (5/9/2022)


  Current Class Session

Current 12-week class session:

June 27 - September 15, 2022

Classes on Mondays & Thursdays

Youth Advanced:  No Summer Class*

Youth Beginners:  No Summer Class*

Adult Advanced: 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Adult Beginner:  No Summer Class*

*Next class begins September 19, 2022.