* In some locations the youth’s curriculum (ages 6-13) is different from the adult’s curriculum (ages 14 and up).  Children’s ranks will be denoted with a long stripe through the length of their entire belt.  Three end stripes will be awarded at each gup (belt) rank as a student progresses: 1 strip for knowledge of basic techniques; another stripe for knowledge of the required hyung/form, and the last stripe for knowledge of the rank’s self-defense requirements.  Only once a student has earned all three stripes will the instructor consider them eligible for testing for their next rank.  Children whose age allows them to move to the adults class (i.e., turn 14) may keep their current children’s rank belt, but may not move up into the adult’s belt ranks until they learn the adult material up to their current gup rank.


Remember:  The belt you wear around your uniform does not mean a thing if you don’t have the knowledge to go with it.  All students will earn their promotions.



10th Gup - White Belt                                                     

 9th Gup – Yellow I White Stripe                                                  

 8th Gup - Yellow II White Stripes                                                

 7th Gup - Yellow III White Stripes                              

 6th Gup - Green I White Stripe                                                     

 5th Gup - Green II White Stripes                                 

 4th Gup - Green III White Stripes                                

 3rd Gup - Red I White Stripe                                        

 2nd Gup - Red II White Stripes                                                    

 1st Gup - Red III White Stripes                                                       

 1st DAN – Black w/gold embroidery           

 2nd DAN – Black w/gold embroidery and 2 gold stripes                                           

 3rd DAN – Black w/gold embroidery and 3 gold stripes

 4th -7th DAN – Black with Red Center Stripe                   




10th Gup - White Belt                                                     

 9th Gup – Yellow w/long White Stripe                                       

 8th Gup - Yellow w/long Black Stripe                                         

 7th Gup - Green w/long White Stripe                          

 6th Gup - Green w/long Black Stripe                                           

 5th Gup - Blue w/long White Stripe                            

 4th Gup - Blue w/long Black Stripe                             

 3rd Gup - Red w/long White stripe                                        

 2nd Gup - Red w/long Black Stripe                                           

 1st Gup - Red                                                                               

 1st DAN (Junior) – Black w/red embroidery           

 2nd DAN (Junior) – Black w/red embroidery and 2 red stripes                                           

 3rd DAN (Junior) – Black w/red embroidery and 3 red Stripes                                                                                                            

 4th Dan - Not available to those under 18 years of age



Uniform Requirements:

All students will wear an all white uniform with a traditional cross-over top. 

Red belts will wear red lapel trim on their uniform tops. 

Dan students will wear trim on their lapel, sleeve cuffs and bottom borders. 

Certified dan instructors can wear full trim below belt only.

Belts will be traditional double-wrap and all rank stripes will be displayed on the left side.

​Kukkiwon standards will be met for Taekwondo Chang Moo Kwan and Kukkiwon promotions.