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Vaillancourt's Korean Martial Arts

Vaillancourt's Korean martial arts is a traditional, yet progressive self-defense program taught and overseen by an 8th degree black belt.  Mr. Vaillancourt is college-educated, a parent, and has over forty years of training in the Korean martial arts. 


​Mr. Vaillancourt has recently taken a new job promotion in Washington, D.C. and as of April 2016, is no longer teaching regular classes in Huron, SD.  However, Mr. Vaillancourt still currently oversees his instructors teaching classes in Huron, South Dakota (Huron Korean Martial Arts) and Bangor (Black Bear Taekwondo) and Augusta, Maine (Augusta Taekwondo).  Visit their respective pages for more information.  Mr. Vaillancourt is continuing his training in the Virginia area and makes it to Huron to teach adult advanced classes approximately one week per month.

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Dana Vaillancourt, 8th dan

Vaillancourts Korean Martial Arts

Tang Soo Do & Taekwondo in South Dakota and Maine!!